Renault Twizy

Renault Twizy Oscar Niemeyer Center

5 Pros

  1. Revolutionary electric car – and you can actually buy this overseas
  2. The Twizy is tiny, making it perfect for getting around town. Unlike a scooter though, it’s probably too wide to queue jump in traffic
  3. The Twizy will actually drift…
  4. Electric motor provides instant power
  5. You can charge it in 3.5 hours and it will go for about 80km

5 Cons

  1. Doors are optional, and even then they do not come with windows
  2. You have to pay for monthly battery rental – in Europe it costs 45 Euros a month
  3. Rock hard suspension can be uncomfortable when driven fast
  4. Only two seats and no real functional boot – probably why Renault market it as a second vehicle
  5. Top speed of less than 100km/h

Concluding personality type: Eurovision: Everybody in Australia thought it was ridiculous – and then came Idol…

Renault Twizy door

“did I lock the doors?”

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