Toyota FJ Cruiser

FJ cruiser exterior

I think our sat nav is broken…

5 Pros

  1. The FJ is probably the coolest Toyota you can buy
  2. Based on the Toyota Prado, so it’s very capable off-road
  3. Big V6 engine makes the FJ surprisingly fast (albeit only in a straight line)
  4. Satellite navigation and reverse camera are standard
  5. It has three windscreen wipers – because it wasn’t unique enough already…

5 Cons

  1. Outrageously thirsty – people will assume you enjoy dolphin hunting
  2. Initially developed for the US market only, which explains a lot…
  3. Funky styling creates a massive blind spot
  4. Ugly (seemingly factory inspired) interior can be hosed down – leads to the obvious question – what are you doing in your car that requires a hose…
  5. The FJ is getting a bit old – it was introduced in 2006

Concluding personality type: Porn star: Certain sex appeal – but could you date one?

FJ Cruiser body

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