Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG

Red SLS exterior

5 Pros

  1. The flip up gullwing doors are the Mercedes Benz SLS’s push up bra – amazing mechanics mean you can’t stop looking
  2. The engine sound. Squeezing the accelerator is like being a security guard at the boxing day sales – you feel like you are going to be bowled over by a bunch of screaming maniacs
  3. It’s very fast
  4. Formula One use the SLS as its official safety car
  5. David Coulthard – an old F1 driver – was visibly scared when he got taken for a ride in one. Incredible, it’s like managing to scare a Top Gun pilot in a jumbo – usually it only happens 2 seconds before impact

5 Cons

  1. The gullwing doors are hugely impractical and unnecessary. To prove this point, AMG don’t use them in the roadster version
  2. It does not have as much road presence as some other supercars – but that’s a bit like saying that one Victoria Secret model is slightly more attractive than another Victoria Secret model
  3. The SLS is not as track focused as it could be
  4. The superfast AMG Black version is on the way
  5. The instrument panel does not live up to the exterior

Concluding personality type: Seal: Great voice and celebrity status – but living off past glory?

SLS backI desperately hope this colour is called fake tan

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