Ferrari F12 Berlinetta

Ferrari F12 exterior5 Pros

  1. Pretty much all new Ferrari’s these days are breathtakingly fast. The F12 is no different – it’s going to be a terrific machine
  2. More GT than hard sports car, more Gucci sneaker than high heel, so you can wear it to the shops
  3. Incredibly fast – it’s quicker than Ferrari’s A$1m hero car the Enzo
  4. The Ferrari website has an audio section where you can listen to the exhaust sound – true passion
  5. At some stage it will make you accidentally swear with excitement – bring a mirror if you ever wondered what your o-face looked like

5 Cons

  1. It was styled in a wind tunnel and the looks suffer as a result. You have to respect the sophistication, but Ferrari’s are increasingly looking like suits with racing stripes
  2. Gold diggers
  3. Steering is a bit light
  4. The F12 can be a bit rare steak to drive – incredibly tasty – but one step removed from nature (compared to something like a Caterham)
  5. Having to explain to people why you didn’t get it in red…

Concluding personality type: Beyonce: Faultless superstar – but you’ll occasionally need a bodyguard

Ferrari F12 diffuser

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