Toyota Yaris (3rd Generation)

Yaris exterior

Looks masculine doesn’t it – unfortunately this colour is called cherry….

5 Pros

  1. The Yaris is going to go forever – Toyota reliability is perfect for people who get confused at petrol stations
  2. Basic models are cheap and full of safety features such as 7 airbags
  3. Easy to drive with a tight turning circle – but it still won’t park itself…
  4. Largish boot and good rear seat space for this class
  5. More personality than a Corolla for a less money

5 Cons

  1. It feels cheap…
  2. Four speed auto and rear drum brakes are out of date in this market
  3. Competitors look better, so don’t expect the Yaris to make you desirable. Its like wearing last years fashion – it works – but only if you are already hot
  4. Dynamics are not class leading and neither is fuel efficiency
  5. Interior is quiet – but the engine can be noisy on the highway

Concluding personality type:  Sub 30 offspring of Toyota Corolla and Camry owners: Still not interesting – but slightly cooler because of youth

Yaris dash

White seats… well at least it will be obvious who farted…


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