Caterham Seven

Catherham exterior

Caterham caught burying owners in bush

5 Pros

  1. Caterham is the sashimi of the motoring world. Raw and tasty, but best avoided if pregnant
  2. Pure driving fun. The Caterham is a true race car, so much of the experience is instinctive
  3. Motobike thrills but with the relative safety of four wheels
  4. There is now a Catherham F1 team. Best not to mention that they are coming 10th
  5. Fast versions outdo a Bugatti Veyron around a track

5 Cons

  1. About as usable everyday as running spikes – this car is best left on track
  2. Quality and reliability are not strong points of the Caterham brand. It is important not to forget that the Seven is almost homemade
  3. Limited safety equipment
  4. Getting in and out is not an elegant process. There are not many other cars where you risk breaking the windscreen on the way in. And yes – the Caterham has no doors – which is exactly what it would be like if your house had no doors
  5. They are not the cheapest cars going around

Concluding personality type: Drug user: mind altering, but expect bad consequences outside controlled conditions

Caterham Seven body

Caterham showing off it’s best rain protection system – a tunnel


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