Lexus GS (L10)

GS exterior

5 Pros

  1. Great interior. As an example, the GS has the capability to be fitted with the largest screen currently available in a car (until the Tesla S) and Lexus apparently spent 5 years developing the front seats
  2. 350 version is quick in a straight line and the dynamics of the GS are much improved
  3. The Sport Luxury version has some great safety features such as a blind spot monitoring system, driver fatigue detection system and a special air conditioning system that doesn’t dry your skin… well to be honest, the air conditioning system  is probably more likely to cause an accident should you ever try to demonstrate its effectiveness to your passengers
  4. Toyota reliability and 4 year warranty
  5. Looks aggressive from the front and has a pretty decent exhaust sound

5 Cons

  1. The steering is a bit lifeless – it makes you feel removed from the car. Its a bit like walking in fluffy slippers – you don’t quite feel connected to the ground
  2. Rear seats don’t fold down meaning that some much smaller cars have bigger carrying capacities
  3. The Lexus brand still lacks cred – its not youthful, its not European and its not unique – people may ask if you have retired
  4. Rear legroom can be a bit limited
  5. Only the F-Sport versions get the system which also steers the rear wheels

Concluding personality type:  Old family doctor – reliable, comfortable and user friendly –  but don’t expect them to give you a face lift

Lexus GS dash


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