Red Bull Racing RB7

Red Bull Racing

Perfect for a Sunday drive

5 Pros

  1. Fast – but V10 models used to be faster. V8 likely to be replaced soon with an even smaller engine, so get in quick
  2. Built in the UK – 10 years ago reliability was rubbish – but now much improved
  3. Great exhaust note, although it can make it difficult to hear the radio
  4. Gives you wings
  5. No optional extras, although some negotiation will still be required to get your hands on one

5 Cons

  1. Horrible fuel efficiency – its like trying to feed a waterfall
  2. Completely impractical – it has no boot – although it has been known to carry more than one driver
  3. Better suited to German conditions
  4. Limited rear visibility – it would be easier to park a cloud
  5. Annoying media commitments

Concluding personality type: Chuck Norris – unbeatable

RB7 pit

Wheres Wally?

Photos courtesy of Gil Abrantes

License Some rights reserved by slitzf1

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