Land Rover Defender

Landrover defender body

You can’t help but feel a little man vs wild

5 Pros

  1. Absolute supreme off-road ability, the angles you can pull in the Land Rover Defender are incredible (it feels like you are abseiling in a car)
  2. More than any other 4WD on the market you buy this for only one reason, to go off-road. That means no posers and that makes the Defender super cool
  3. It actually looks great with a certain man in uniform kind of appeal
  4. Over 2 million have been sold globally
  5. It’s A$100k cheaper than the Mercedes version the G-Class

5 Cons

  1.  Not good on the road. Like jogging in hiking boots, you should only do it when you have to
  2. The interior is functional, but in the same way that overalls are functional
  3. At over 2m tall it won’t fit in many shopping centre car parks (but you probably hunt all your own food anyway…)
  4. The Australian army is now using the Mercedes… and so is Megan Fox…
  5. No airbags

Concluding personality type: Steve Irwin: He belonged in the bush, but was 100% genuine so got massive cred in town

Land Rover defender body

Defender’s day job


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