Nissan Tiida

Tiida body

Nissan entry into the worlds worst photoshop award

5 Pros

  1. The interior is spacy
  2. The ride is pretty comfortable
  3. Decent boot
  4. Now close to competitors in terms of safety with 4 airbags and traction control
  5. The Ti version has some decent kit for the price

5 cons

  1. Gutless engine – I would rather ride a bike
  2. Feels much cheaper than it is. An appropriately priced overseas version of the Tiida was at one stage the cheapest new car available in the US
  3. Not very fuel efficient compared to competitors
  4. Centre seat has a lap only seat belt. Ten years ago this excluded you from many car awards, presently it excludes you from any self respect
  5. New version due – this cannot come soon enough

Concluding personality type: A broken television on the street – unsightly, useless and taking up valuable road space

Nissan Tiida dash

Yes this is the luxury version…

What's your view?

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