BMW Z4 (E89)

BMW Z4 exterior

It’s ok to hate

5 Pros

  1. Roadster style – engine in the front, long bonnet and rear wheel drive – as classic as pumpkin pie
  2. Nice retro interior – modern but not
  3. New models are quite fuel efficient
  4. Leather is standard – a nice touch from BMW
  5. Like all BMW’s it handles well

5 Cons

  1. Harsh ride – it can get quite uncomfortable over a long trip and becomes a bit too much like economy class – eventually you just want it to end
  2. Not much boot space in this car – and you usually need to put the roof up first to get things out
  3. Folding hardtops are great in concept – but they always look a little bit misaligned when up. Its kinda like looking at someone with uneven eyes – as hard as you try, its difficult to convince yourself they are attractive
  4. The faster versions get expensive and begin to compete with cars that are better. On the other side, cheaper models are priced sharply although they feel a bit light beer – tasty, but without the kick
  5. The cabin with the roof up feels a bit tight – like sleeping in a tent – you have to think before you move

Concluding personality type: James Bond impersonator – looks the part, fun and with some cool party tricks – but you can’t escape the feeling that it’s not quite the real thing

Z4 expression of joy

BMW advertising campaign – brilliant – they painted it with a Z4’s rear wheels (and yes I know… you could have done that….)


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