Suzuki Swift

Suzuki Swift body

Confused Swift driver practising hill starts

5 Pros

  1. Good looks – the Suzuki Swift is not embarrassing to drive – a major achievement for such a small Japanese car. It’s a bit like wearing a kilt, it shouldn’t work, but it does
  2. Sharp handling – the Swift is like a Polaroid camera – fun to use with instant smile factor
  3. Suzuki is a Japanese maker and owned 20% by Volkswagen, so the cars should be quality. Although probably still not as reliable as a Honda, Mazda or Toyota [Update: the Swift is now made in Thailand rather than Japan]
  4. With 7 airbags it’s safe
  5. The engines are fuel efficient – although missing the increasingly common fuel saving technologies

5 Cons

  1. The boot is smaller than competitors and has an annoying, hard to use shelf
  2. Suzuki is a well known brand and it has rally cred – but it still feels a bit Ikea
  3. Interior is instant coffee. Easy to use and functional, but a bit bland and cheap
  4. Basic model only comes with drum brakes on the rear
  5. Not the quietest car to drive

Concluding personality type: Motorcycle racer – small, but still masculine

Suzuki Swift dash

Gray wall will help make interior slightly more interesting

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