Pagani Huayra

Pagani body

“Its fun to stay at the Y.M.C.A…”

5 Pro

  1. Unique and special – there is nothing else on the road like a Pagani
  2. The interior is handmade and quality. Pagani’s strongest point in my view has always been the craftsmanship involved in their cars – it’s like owning the original artwork, rather than a print
  3. Amazing engineering. Pagani have made parts for F1 cars in the past and the Huayra is the fastest ever car to go around the Top Gear track
  4. Quad exhausts are iconic, apparently some staff at Pagani have a picture of it tattooed on their arms. Unlikely your Mazda mechanic does the same
  5. Fancy aerodynamics in the front and back pop up while you are driving . Probably useless on the road, but they would make you smile like each time they went up (just like an old man on little blue pills)

5 Cons

  1. I cannot think of any situation when a normal person could actually use this car on the road. It’s too wide, too fast and too insane. It seems about as practical as owning your own steam train
  2. The Bugatti Veyron, another engineering masterpiece, is probably even more special
  3. It does look inbred…
  4. Engine sound is not traditional, think fighting cats rather than snarling rottweiler
  5. You will never be able to say the name, pronounced a bit like y-ra, your friends will likely accuse you of driving a Pagani Moyra

Concluding personality type: Elton John: Exceptional and momentous, but day to day you would rather be Brad Pitt

Pagani exhaust

Team of engineers argue over who accidentally used the pink paint


  1. Interesting car this one. Pagani really needed to keep the momentum up after the hugely successful Zonda. While it is spectacular, I fear reason 5 in the cons is really what has held it back; the name. I don’t mind Pagani being try-hards when it comes to engineering but there is no need to do the same to the cars name. Not only does the name not sound right (at least out of my mouth), it is hard to pronounce or remember. It’s always going to be very hard to retain market awareness for a car with this name, even if the market is small enough to fit in a classroom.

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