Citroen DS3

Citroen DS3 exterior

Citroen DS3 in chocolate – not a deciding factor in it winning the 2011 Women’s World Car of the Year 

5 Pros

  1. Terrific looks. Citroen claims the car is anti-retro and runs adds overseas featuring quotes by John Lennon and Marilyn Monroe saying nostalgia is passé. Despite this embarrassing irony, Citoren are on to something here. The DS3 is unique and fresh
  2. Decent boot and backseats, but this is compared to its competitors. You still have to compromise a bit with this car
  3. Good engine in the DSport that is closely related to the one in the Mini Cooper S, but costs A$10k less
  4. Steering wheel is special, although unfortunately this appears to have taken up most of the interior design budget
  5. It tells you when to change gear, which is handy, but it can become a bit like having your mum in the car

5 Cons

  1. DSport, easily the best model choice, is only available in manual. An automatic is available in the DStyle, but it is slow
  2. Reliability and resale value – these have never been strong points for the French when it comes to cars
  3. Eco-friendly diesel not available in Australia
  4. Same price as the Toyota 86… but the DS3 is classier
  5. The steering is a bit vague

Concluding personality type: Cognac drinker: Quirky, stylish, sophisticated, but softer than whisky

Citroen Boot

Boot perfect for smuggling supermodels


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