Nissan 370Z Coupe

Nissan 370Z body

If this is where you park your 370Z, I would probably lie to your insurance company

5 Pros

  1. The Nissan gearbox has a clever system which blips the throttle on downshift replicating what race car drivers do when they change gears. It’s the x-factor for this car and what makes it special
  2. It’s quick. The Nissan is a proper sports car – it will surprise you and it’s fun
  3. The 370Z now has a decent boot. The previous model’s boot had a beam running across the opening and using it was about as frustrating as trying to roast a chicken in a toaster
  4. Sweet high revving engine
  5. It looks aggressive. Think shaved head on a boxer – not beautiful, but it means business

5 Cons

  1. Limited badge value. Nissan is a bit like a coffee from McDonalds, it doesn’t matter how good it tastes it just isn’t the same
  2. The new Toytoa 86 feels like it belongs in the same segment and is less than half the price (A$30k). Suddenly the 370Z went from being pretty cheap to ridiculously expensive
  3. The engine sound is not great
  4. Drinks an enormous amount of fuel
  5. Nissan claim this was the first car to premier in a video game, which is kinda cool, until your remember that BMW used to premier cars in Bond films

Concluding Personality Type: Fast Japanese sprinter – sure he might run the 100m in under 10 seconds but nobody is following him on twitter

Nissan 370Z interior



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