Honda Jazz

Honda Jazz body

Cartoon version unfortunately unavailable in Australia

5 Pros

  1. The Honda Jazz is all about its interior. Tall roof and clever packaging mean it has a big boot and lots of space, no irony that overseas it is called the Honda Fit
  2. Good fuel efficiency, but no longer class leading. Some current competitors have taken over with turbochargers and clever fuel saving electronics
  3. Magic seats are impressive beyond the cool name. They are almost flat when folded down and cleverly also fold up from the bottom to create a tall storage space
  4. Looks cute (I’m told)
  5. Its a Honda – so should be reliable (although it is no longer made in Japan)

5 Cons

  1. Not much excitement. Like driving a pillow
  2. Brakes can be sharp and catchy – will further convince passengers that you know nothing about cars
  3. Tall body does not inspire confidence at high speed – like riding a baby giraffe
  4. Interior design is functional but  looks cheap – think Poncho rather than Gore-Tex
  5. Bigger engine model is expensive

Concluding personality type: Handbag user: Practical and spacious, but difficult to pull off if you are male and under 60

Honda Jazz interior

Latest trick for travelling in T3 lanes


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