Porsche 911 Carrera S (991)

911 991 exterior

Porsche 911 sets unbelievable new record of driving on windy roads with no caravans

5 Pros

  1. The benchmark ~A$250k sports car. Porsche 911’s are consistent performers and always good
  2. It’s fast
  3. It has rear seats, a decent boot for this class, pretty good fuel efficiency (driven properly…) and you can use it everyday. Like a hand tailored suit for work, expensive, but dangerously easy to justify
  4. Well built and finally with an interior that fits the price tag. Previous models interiors looked like they were inspired by caves
  5. It’s a brand new model

5 Cons

  1. Disney chose the 911 to be the lead female character in its car cartoon movie – unfortunately this is damning evidence in the case of ” the people vs.  the Porsche does not look like a girls car…”
  2. The automatic gearbox is great, but Porsche continues to insist on using buttons on the steering wheel to change gears (as standard) – it’s a flawed system, like urinal only bathrooms
  3. Electric steering is a break from tradition (but the way of the future)
  4. New Porsche Boxster is half the price and nearly as good
  5. Porsche Cayenne SUV does hurt brand image, although it does makes money for Porsche and there is every chance your 911 would not be as well developed without it

Concluding personality type: Girl next door: Perfect, but not celebrity

911 991 rear seats

Only two rear seats. For those wondering, this is probably not a legitimate argument to your partner against a third child 


  1. The beauty of evolution, although I’m still not sure why the indicator lights droop down around the front air intakes. There are a lot of them on the road, but there is a reason for that.

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