Audi Q3

Audi Q3 exterior

Considerate Audi Q3 driver parks in the middle of the road

5 Pros

  1. Brand appeal. Audi has perfected desire, you want the Q3 even if it doesn’t make sense
  2. It looks like every other Audi, which is a good thing, like being in an annoyingly attractive family
  3. Quality interior, which is simplicity in understatement (think grand piano)
  4. Engines and dynamics make it fun to drive (fun like wearing bright shoes fun)
  5. The 2WD version diesel is very fuel efficient. The Petrol engine is thirstier, but still on par with a small Toyota

5 Cons

  1. Its made in Spain not Germany and SEAT not Audi actually manufacture this car. This makes the Audi difficult to justify rationally when the cheaper VW Tiguan is made in Germany
  2. Boot space is small, which in this body is a big tease…
  3. Expensive
  4. The Range Rover Evoque is even more desirable
  5. Audi call this car the “Urban SUV”… so don’t forget it. You are so urban

Concluding personality type: Inner city set: Highly susceptible to tall poppy syndrome

Audi Q3 trunk

Inconspicuous luggage optional


  1. Ana

    Hi ,

    I think your 5 pros & cons makes sense. Can’t beleive the Tiguan is manufactured in Germany while the Audi is in Spain… Intesresting…I would be interested in knowing more about the Tiguan (my husband and I are devating about both 😉

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