Volkswagen Golf (Mk6 2013)

Volkswagen Golf body

Volkswagen appropriately chooses empty desert to try and make the Golf look interesting 

5 Pros

  1. The Volkswagen Golf has won heaps of car awards overseas and was massive in Europe. Now the Golf has won heaps of car awards here and is massive in Australia. The Golf is genuinely good
  2. Should hopefully now be reliable. Previous models were built outside of Europe with a reputation of unreliability. I would make sure your version is actually built in Germany, unless you want to know what it feels like to pay full price for a fake Rolex
  3. It has an optional automated reverse parking system, interesting, but your friends will always secretly think that you can’t drive…
  4. Great dynamics and engines that can be incredibly fuel efficient (especially in the Bluemotion version)
  5. The interior is bland, but in a well made kind of way. Too many interiors in this segment look like a scene from back to the future. Luckily the Golf makes up for it by having heaps of interior space and a decent boot.

5 Cons

  1. The current model is getting old and about to be replaced in 2013 and the smaller VW model (the South African built Polo) is so similar but cheaper
  2. The automatic gearbox is DSG which means it will probably be a bit jerky in town and expensive to fix
  3. It really needs 98 unleaded… which makes the pretty good fuel efficiency kinda redundant. It’s like buying a cheap white t-shirt that you later find out is dry-clean only
  4. The exterior is also bit bland. Sure it’s a classic shape and it will date well, but it’s hardly fresh – when is the last time a Golf made your head turn?
  5. It is expensive to buy and service, most models will push past 30k drive away. This is a hard to justify car based purely on price, you need some of your heart in this buying process

Concluding personality type: $300 skinny jeans: fashionable and you love them, but professor rationality will always question what was wrong with the k-mart regular fit


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