Hyundai i30

i30 body

I know right – its seems almost a shame to get this car in old man silver

5 Pros

  1. Hyundai is now a proper grown up car company and as an added bonus they are slowly becoming less budget in price so you can feel a little bit richer when you buy one…
  2. The i30 looks great! the exclamation mark indicates my continuing surprise
  3. 5 year warranty is class leading and will boost your resale value in 3 years time relative to other choices in this segment
  4. It has heaps of standard equipment, a very roomy interior and a massive boot which gets enormous in the wagon version
  5. 5 out of 5 star safety rating and it is pretty fuel efficiency as well (especially in the Diesel version)

5 Cons

  1. It has a feature called Flex Steer which allows you to change 3 settings of steering feel, which is about as useful as having  three different types of mute on your television
  2. In terms of performance and dynamics the Hyundai is not yet there. Compared to the other competitors, driving this fast makes about as much sense as trying to speed read a DVD
  3. New space age interiors concern me (but at least it is high quality)
  4. It’s still a Korean brand. It might look European, be designed in Europe, be driven by a European, be washed by a European but your neighbours 5 year old BMW will still carry more kudos
  5. It’s the same price as its competitors

Concluding personality type: Premium Economy flyer on Air China to Europe – Better in many respects, but still makes you feel a bit like the poor cousin…

i30 rear vision camera

Spy camera does not make you James Bond


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  16. James Hartnell

    Poor cousin.. what rubbish, you’re a brand snob.. I’d rather a Korean or Japanese car any day as BMW’S are so unreliable , the same goes for VW and Mercedes.I suggest you read reliability reports on the net.. You lot need to get over European cars, they’re over priced as well !!..

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