Holden Cruze (2014 MY14)

Holden Cruze body

Cruze with a sports body kit – useful – like hair gel for bald men

5 Pros

  1. The new 1.6L SRi model introduces reasonable performance at a pretty cheap price (but don’t expect it to set your hair on fire)
  2. Built in Australia with capped priced servicing and some pretty decent equipment levels
  3. In general the interior is pretty quiet and the ride is smooth
  4. Decent fuel efficiency from the 1.4L turbo engine
  5. It’s roomy with a decent boot

5 Cons

  1. You get the feeling that both the interior and the exterior will date badly and the general build quality of the dash is questionable
  2. The rear is ugly and the diesel is not as efficient as it should be (especially when compared to the Hyundai i30)
  3. The 1.8L engine feels underpowered and the steering and handling on most models (while improved in the 2013 update) are probably not as good as the Mazda 3 or Ford Focus
  4. You will always lose the school pickup coolness test, especially when these become the new taxis
  5. The new Volkswagen Golf looks like it will be terrific

Concluding personality type: Mayo on chips eater: most people just won’t get it when you had the choice of salt and sauce

Holden Cruze dash

Cruze’s party tick – water taxi

Post updated March 2013

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