Toyota Corolla Exterior image

Extremely rare photo of a lone Corolla

5 pros
  1. The Toyota Corolla is the white sliced bread of the automotive world – safe, reliable, easy to use, family friendly and everywhere. It will not let you down, probably go forever and nobody will ever accuse you of being irrational
  2. One of the highest selling cars in the world – not by accident – perfect for those who enjoy comfort in numbers
  3. The ultimate unisex car – gender has no place here
  4. Its not super fuel efficient, but it is no guzzler either. Just like everything else about this car – it is somewhere in the middle
  5. It has a flat bottomed steering wheel for the very occasional moment when your heart beats again by accident
5 cons
  1. There is no justification for buying one other than “I am not a car person”. That is it – do not even try anything else – you are not a car person
  2. A new one is to be released soon in 2012 – unlikely anybody will notice
  3. Shorter warranty of just 3 years rather than 5 on some competitors – but your going to own this car for 15 years anyway
  4. You will join a club of over 30 million other owners, a club where nobody will know your name
  5. No cruise control on the basic models – so beware of other Corolla drivers driving below the speed limit

Concluding personality type: Could be anything – like asking what sort of people travel in lifts

Toyota Corolla boot size

Fancy suitcases may help rescue personality


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